You've heard the scenarios before...

  • You look around your home and hate what you see. Your design style is chaotic; nothing in the room really reflects your personality. You purchased these items because you just wanted to "fill up the empty space". You now realize this was a mistake and should have waited to find the right pieces. You want to do an overhaul of the space but you don't have time; your career or family obligations keep you too busy to really shop for what you need.

  • You're a mid level professional and you want to upgrade the look of your space. You know what you like but have no idea how to go about executing the look. And truth be told, you're really not interested in figuring it out and would rather have someone do it all for you.

  • Or you may be the couple that purchased a home. You're no stranger to the home buying process however; the thought of decorating yet another house leaves you feeling a little anxious. Your spouse has no interest in picking out furniture and accessories, and has left you in charge of the decision making on how to decorate the space. However; between the kids school activities and your own social calendar, you need "another set of eyes" to help nail down choices and keep the process fluid.

I understand. If I'm honest, the first scenario was once me.

My first home color palette was brown, light brown and more brown! I had no idea what I was doing in terms of decorating; I was just buying things along the way that I liked. I kept throwing money at more home decor thinking it would fix things and it only made it worse. Once I put all the decor pieces of the puzzle together, I realized there was a lack of cohesiveness!

Either you or someone you know fits into one of the above scenarios. Let's face it; life is complicated and can get busy. You're juggling enough and can't be bothered with adding another thing to your "to do" list.

Everyone wants to live in a home that speaks to their inner design voice but may have trouble finding the time, desire, and wherewithal to get started. I've been in your shoes and want to help make life a little less stressful. It's time to love and be proud of your home!


Hello there!

I’m Demi. I help busy professionals and families update their interiors through modern decor and color.

My Style

My style can best be described as "livable luxury". On most days, you’ll find me in a pair of jeans and Tory Burch flats, along with my signature “Sideshow Bob” hair! I’m a lover of nice things however, I also believe those things should be used, touched and enjoyed. This same concept should be applied in the home. There’s no fun in spending money on a gorgeous Chesterfield sofa for beauty’s sake! Yes these quality items are an investment but they are also meant to be enjoyed and should be about creating memories.

My Design Philosophy

I have a passion for old homes. I’ve lived in a 1925 condo listed under the National Register of Historic Places and currently reside in a Georgia Colonial. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to several different places in Europe and I’m drawn to all things architecture. If I had my way, I’d own a gorgeous apartment in the 6th arrondissement in Paris!

In today’s trend obsessed society, it’s hard to find an appreciation for aesthetics with a timeless element. However; there’s nothing more classic than beautiful crown molding, gorgeous wood paneled rooms, coffered ceilings, and detailed millwork. These classic features have stood the test of time. However; traditional doesn’t have to be boring. I love complementing these architectural details with bold colors, whimsy accessories, and fabrics. “Classic Interiors Meets Color”


It’s all in the details

Interior design is my second career although if I’m honest with myself; it’s always been lurking in the background. I’ve spent the last 13 years in the Contracts industry; interpreting clauses, reading federal regulations and mitigating risks for clients. In 2016, I realized the need for a creative outlet. I was filling burned out and unfulfilled. As if working full time and raising two toddlers weren’t enough; I also began the daunting task of going through a home renovation project.


I had the pleasure of working closely with contractors and vendors, creating the design layout for rooms, selecting the tile, fixtures, fabrics, and color palettes. The renovation project took four months and afterwards I realized that I wanted to continue exploring my creative side. And that’s when I had my eureka moment! I thought back to all those years spent watching design shows, reading magazines, and even providing décor advice to friends and family. Interior design was previously a “thing” that I did in my leisure. It brought me happiness and was always my response to the question, “what would you do if money weren't an issue” however; I never considered it could be a career path at this stage in my life. After the renovation, I made a vow to continue down this path of self-discovery in expanding my knowledge and love of interior design.

Fast forward to the present; life is still busy and crazy (the picture says it all) but its filled with so much more purpose. I’m running a business, still grinding it out full time and raising little humans- although a bit older and more self-sufficient. However; these things allow me to tap into my core passion which is to help others, now using both the left and right side of my brain. I now get to interpret your décor ideas, read between the lines when you can’t describe your design style, and mitigate those décor risks when you’re feeling overwhelmed or don’t know where to start.

Residing in Atlanta, GA; I'm the mother of twins and have a loving husband. I love to travel and consider myself a certified foodie. I also have a tendency to make up words from time to time and love alliteration.