Do you…

  • Spend tons of money on home décor; only to realize nothing feels “complete”.

  • Wish your home could look like one of the thousands of rooms you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board.

  • Spend countless hours watching HGTV and hate how everyone makes decorating look so easy!

  • Not allow friends and family over because you’re embarrassed and don’t want to be judged.

The struggle is real, but it ends here!


Are you ready to take back your happiness & start enjoying your home?

Having a home that brings you happiness and comfort shouldn’t be a foreign concept. You’ve managed to get it right with the furnishings and paint; but your home still feels empty and lacking. The goal can be achieved however; the most common issue is the finishing touch. These are the “little extras” that take your home from “so-so” to stylish and inviting!

You’ve already spent countless hours…

  • Staring at your home trying to figure out what would make it look cohesive.

  • Loving certain aspects of your home but can’t figure out how to take it to the next level.

  • Longing for a home that will comfort and energize you!


Sounds like you?


Then you need to download my FREE Fantabulous Finishing Touch Worksheets!

You’ll receive a room evaluation worksheet that helps get your creative juices flowing on what’s needed for your space. You’ll also receive a checklist that outlines the most common design elements that are often overlooked in the home to provide the finishing touch. Together, these worksheets provide ideas and tips for you to implement in creating a finished space!


What will you learn?

  • The 3 basic layers of lighting to implement in your space.

  • The best rug size to select based on the room.

  • My no fail accent pillow size combinations for your space.

  • Designer tips for accessorizing.


As a bonus, I will also include, The Vignette Style Guide: 5 Tips for Decorating Coffee Tables & Book Shelves”. This 7 page style guide is filled with valuable tips on how to get started with decorating and accessorizing those flat surfaces around your home.


Vignette Style Guide


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Finishing Touch Worksheets

After you’ve implemented the worksheets; you can IMAGINE a home that:

• Truly reflects your style and personality.

• Makes you feel proud to entertain in and show off to friends and family.

• You look forward to spending quality time in and creating memories.

• That feels stylish, cohesive and complete.


frequently asked questions

If this is so fantabulous, why is it free?


Why shouldn’t it be free? Everyone deserves to live in a home that truly reflects who they are, right? Life can be stressful, and your home shouldn’t make you feel just as bad. Been there. Done that.

So, I’m just doing my part in guiding you to take your home décor to the next level. I want to see you win! This gives you a chance to get to know me better and for us to talk about all things décor.

What if I’m not creative?

Honestly, you don’t have to be! These worksheets are straight forward and will help get your creative juices flowing. The finishing touch are things you’ve probably thought of but didn’t recognize were needed to complete your space.

And besides, no one knows your style better than you! These worksheets will give you the tools you need to implement what YOU see fits best in YOUR home!

Who are you anyway?

Hey there, I’m Demi. I’m just a girl who spent a ton of time making mistakes and wasting money on décor with my first home. Trust me, it was pretty bad-read my About Me if you want the scoop!

It wasn’t until I started understanding design principals and honing my skills, did I finally come to appreciate the world of interior design. And now I want to help clients discover what it is they truly want and need in turning their house into a home!