Before & After: A Family Room Transformation Decorating Project


A before and after picture really allows you to see the transformation of a space. As a designer, its a great way of showcasing your vision and the endless possibilities of "what could be". This is especially fun when working on a space in your home because you get to take risks! One project in particular where I had a chance to create a great "before and after" transformation is my family room.

The Before…


This before picture is the actual MLS photo of my family room. When we first saw the room in person, I fell in love with all the wood trim. My home is a GA Colonial and I love traditional design elements like mill work, crown molding, and wainscoting. So after we moved in, I initially had the wood trim stained a walnut color and painted the walls a creamy white. Beyond that, our budget didn't allow us to really transform the room. Sometime afterward, we found out we were pregnant with twins and that certainly derailed any plans to upgrade the space.

Fast forward to 2016, and we finally felt like we were in a good routine with kids and could handle a renovation. After living with the dark stained wood for such a long time, I was ready to do something in total contrast to this look.

The After…


My color scheme for the room is sea blue, coral, chocolate, and white. As you can see, we went a little crazy with the white paint! It helps to really freshen up the space; gives it an airy feel. We didn't make any changes with the layout however; you can see how much of a difference paint can make in a space! It's such an inexpensive way to revitalize a room and update a look.

I still love the warmth that wood brings so, I decided to keep the mantel in the stained wood color to add a nice contrast to all the white in the room. This warmth is reinforced with the coffee table, tufted chairs and of course with my gold accents.

The final touches were introduced with accessories and styling. It's absolutely one of my favorite things with decorating. It's amazing how pillows, decor, and accessories can "complete" the look in a room. I loved filling this space with all my favorite books, accessories and a set of encyclopedias we received when my husband's grandfather passed.

My goal with the space was to give it color and always feel a sense of happy when I entered the space. I think I accomplished that goal. The room now feels so much bigger and brighter.

Do you have a before and after room transformation you're proud of? Let's hear about it in the comments!

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