How to Decorate A Non-Working Fireplace: Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

Designed by Decor By Demi

Designed by Decor By Demi

No fire, no problem. A non-working fireplace can still remain a stylish focal point in a room. Below I share tips, ideas and inspirational photos to get you motivated on how to decorate your fireplace.

First let's start with the mantel. If you don't have a T.V. occupying most of the space, this is a prime opportunity to show off your decor skills. There are a few items that are tried-n-true that I always use for the mantel.

Decor Item #1-Vases

A vase, ginger jar, or urn are great as a stand alone item or can be grouped together to create a collection. Ginger jars are especially popular at the moment and look great grouped together for display.

Decor Item #2- Lanterns

Lanterns add a bit of old world charm and I love incorporating the look on a fireplace mantel. I love the idea of switching out candles for a more interesting decorative piece; such as the mason jars in the picture above.

Decor Item #3-Greenery/Flowers

No mantel is complete without incorporating flowers or some form of greenery. Plants and flowers add an organic touch and can help to bring pops of color and an overall freshness to a space.

Now that we've discussed the mantel, let's move down to the bottom half of our non-working fireplace. There are a number of creative ways to decorate this area and make it stand out among its fire breathing competition.

Decorating Idea #1-Plants

As stated above, plants help to liven up a space and are a great option to bring in color.

Decorating Idea #2-Candles

Candles help to provide a soft and intimate glow when lit and gives the illusion of a functional fireplace. Be sure to choose a variety of sizes and bases to provide visual interest.

Decorating Idea #3-Books

A collection of vintage books give your fireplace a rustic charm and makes you look scholarly.

Decorating Idea #4-Magazines

Decorating a non-working fireplace with magazines is a great storage option. I'm sure a collection similar to this would be a great conversation piece in the living room.

Decorating Idea #5-Logs

Even though your non-working fireplace can't generate fire, logs are still a great option when it comes to styling. And colored logs are even better; they add a touch a whimsy and artistic expression.


Once you've decided on how you plan to decorate your non-working fireplace, be sure to keep these tips in mind...

Tip #1-Create an anchor

Via The Decorista/Donna Doton

Via The Decorista/Donna Doton

This basically means to pick a decor piece that grounds the fireplace. This will essentially be the decor focal point on the mantel. For example, a tall mirror or a large piece of art would serve as the foundation for the rest of your decor accessories.

Tip #2-Vary the Height

Try not to pick decor accessories that are all the same height. Varying the height creates visual interest to the eye. A rule of thumb is to pick small, medium and large items when shopping.

Tip #3-Limit the Types of Items You Use


Try to stick with 3-4 different items when decorating your fireplace. Too many varied items on the mantel will make it look chaotic and thrown together. When necessary, repeat 1 or 2 of the items to fill in empty space. In the image above, there are 4 different objects used with 3 repeated throughout the look (artwork, vases, apple decor accessory and flowers).

I hope these tips, ideas and inspirational photos were helpful and gets you excited about decorating your non-working fireplace! As you can see the possibilities are endless; you just need a little creativity. However; if this is not your thing I offer an accessories and styling package that will help solve your dilemma. Accessories are truly my jam; check out my package here.

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