My Top Decor Accessories When Styling Vignettes

Designed by: Decor By Demi

Designed by: Decor By Demi

Do you sometimes look over at your bookcase or coffee table and let out a huge sigh? Let me guess, is it because the knick-knacks that are currently resting on those table tops feel boring? Yes, you may have several décor accessories filling up those shelves but the impact on the room is non-existent, am I right?

Decorating and styling vignettes is one of those finishing touches that people either love or hate. (What’s a finishing touch you say? Click the link here to read all about it). It involves a bit of skill and a lot of trial and error. You literally must keep moving things around until they “feel right”.

Styling vignettes are one of my favorite things when designing a space! It’s such a great feeling to watch a room come alive once you incorporate and style with décor accessories. Yes MacGyver-like skills are involved but I’m going to let you in on a little secret; it doesn’t have to be that hard!

And the reason why is because there are staple pieces that can be used to help accessorize vignettes time and time again. Wanna know what they are? Of course, you do!

decor accessories #1: books

I’m an avid reader and love to use books when styling vignettes. I generally like to stack about 3-4 books and anchor it with a little decor trinket on top. When styling bookshelves and coffee tables, try to collect hardcover books to create a high end look. If you’re not an avid reader, Amazon or second hand book stores are a great place to find fairly inexpensive hardcover books.

decor accessories #2: ginger jars 

Ginger jars add such a classic touch when decorating vignettes. These blue and white beauties are timeless and complement just about any color palette. I generally like to display them in a grouping to create a statement look.

decor accessories #3: trays

Trays are great for corralling objects and organizing your decor display. They are a great way to incorporate color or pattern to your space as well. Consider mixing shapes when styling; for example I like to use round trays with rectangle coffee tables and vice versa.

decor accessories #4: flowers

I’m not good at keeping plants and flowers alive; so my go to is faux flowers. I invest in high end florals because they are a better quality and look more real. Using floral arrangements and plants add greenery and a softness to your home. They are also helpful in providing a splash of color and an organic feel to your space.

decor accessories #5: something gold

I love brass and gold finishes. They bring a classic feel and such warmth to a space! The gold decor accents allow me to incorporate a bit of whimsy as well. I suggest choosing a finish that has an aged or dull sheen. The shiny gold is a bit cheap and off putting in my opinion.

These decor accessories are tried and true and can be used for any vignette. The key is to pick accessories that you love and to try different arrangements that work for you.

As for rules, there are a few that are important when styling vignettes. When these rules are applied in conjunction with the staple pieces; you’ll have your friends wondering if you’ve been moonlighting as an interior decorator in your spare time.

Learn all about these rules in my FREE Vignette Style Guide here.