Navy is the New Neutral

So if you haven’t received the memo; greys, beige and tans are great but they aren’t the only popular girl on the block. It’s all about color. Yes, that’s right it appears color is making a comeback in a big way (yay)!

One color in particular that seems to be the new neutral is navy blue. I seriously believe that navy blue goes with everything. It’s such a rich color that makes both warm and cool hues look incredible. For example, if you pair it with golds and browns, it gives off such a sophisticated, mature feel. While coordinating it with greys and whites exude a timeless and classic feel.

One of the hardest parts with choosing a dark paint color and in particular navy blue, is ensuring that the color represents its truest form. That is, making sure the color looks the same throughout different times of the day. How dreadful would it be to have navy blue walls in the morning and then see navy/green walls or navy blue with purple undertones in the evening. Ugh!

Luckily, I’ve taken some of the stress out of this situation by rounding up some of the prettiest navy blue paint colors. However; you’re still responsible for slapping these colors up on your wall to make sure they are a perfect fit for your space!

benjamin moore hale navy

Benjamin-Moore-Hale Navy.png

This is a classic blue with grey undertones. This is a very popular color that has been used by many. It would look gorgeous with almost any color trim and flooring selections.

Benjamin moore old navy

BM_Old Navy.png

This is a deep and bold blue that is similar to Hale Navy in that it has greyish undertones.

benjamin moore blue note

BM_Blue Note.png

This color may not look like much but it definitely packs a punch when used in a space. This bold blue has a bit of green undertones.

benjamin moore polo blue

BM_Polo Blue.png

This blue is rich, deep, and moody! It would work well in a masculine space or any interior where you want to evoke subdued drama.

benjamin moore gentleman’s gray

BM Gentlemans Gray.png

This is a pretty blue gray with juuusst a smidge of green. It would look great in a kitchen, kids bedroom or bathroom.

benjamin moore admiral blue


A very nautical blue with purple undertones. This hue is lighter and brighter than your typical navy; it would look wonderful in a playroom.

ralph lauren club navy

Ralph_Lauren_Club Navy.png

This is a perfect deep rich blue that reads neither too warm or too cool. It would look great in both a traditional or modern space.

sherwin williams naval


This blue is very popular among Sherwin Williams lovers. This is a rich blue and like BM Hale Navy, looks good with both warm and cool hues.

farrow and ball drawing room blue

Farrow_Ball_Drawing Room Blue.png

This is more of a cobalt blue but is beautiful nonetheless. It would compliment green, yellow and tan accent colors.

So there you have it. You can’t go wrong with any of these blues. And just in case you need to reference this later, be sure to “Pin It” for easy access!