How to Choose the Right Rug Size: A Room by Room Ultimate Guide

Buying the correct size rug for your space can be tricky. I've made this mistake in the past and ended up with a rug barely large enough for a tree house. The reason most people purchase rugs too small is due to 5x7 and 6x9 rugs being less expensive than your 8x10s or 9x12s. However; a large number of spaces are too small for these size rugs and they end up making the room look choppy and unfinished.

So how do you choose the right rug size? Below I provide tips on deciding the correct rug size room by room so you'll never end up with pea sized rugs again!

Choose the Right Rug Size: Living Room


When choosing a rug for your living room, its important to figure out the seating area. Measure this area and get a rug the closest size up from that. The key element here is furniture legs. You will want to consider if the legs will either be all on the rug, all off the rug, or just the front legs on the rug with the back legs off. Whatever you decide, just be consistent with the look!

If your seating elements will be against the wall, it makes sense to purchase a smaller rug and have just the front legs resting on it or have the rug float in front of all the furniture. A portion of a larger rug will go unseen with furniture resting on it if backed up against a wall and that's no bueno. If your room is big or the furniture will be floating, then a larger rug is the better option and more proportionate to the space.

Good: Seating elements are all off the rug.

Better: Front legs of seating elements are on the wrong with back legs off.

Best: Seating elements are all on the rug.

Choose the Right Rug Size: Bedroom


Rugs in a bedroom are all about creating an intimate and cozy feeling. The best size rug for this space is one large enough where your nightstand, entire bed and any furniture at the end of the bed rests on it. This equates to a rug that would extend 1 foot past your nightstand and at least 2 feet past the end of the bed or any furniture at the foot.

However; we know large rugs can get very expensive. So ideally, you should purchase an applicable rug size that places it directly under your feet when you get out of bed.

Good: Placing 2 small rugs on either side of the bed (rug runners or 2x3 size rugs).

Better: Placing a rug under the mid point area of the bed with just the end legs resting on it.

Best: Placing a rug large enough for the entire bed and nightstands to rest on it.

Choose the Right Rug Size: Dining Room


Rugs are great to use in this space to protect your flooring. For dining rooms, choose a rug size that will allow dining chair legs to rest on it, even when the chairs are pulled out. The size you choose should be large enough to extend at least 2 feet beyond the chairs.

Aside from size, the shape of the rug should also be taken into consideration. If your budget dictates a smaller rug, choose a shape that contrasts with the table shape (rectangular table with oval rug) to help bring visual interest to the space and lessen the emphasis on the rug.

Good: Dining chair legs rest on the rug only when pushed in to the table.

Better: Dining chair legs rest on the rug even when pulled out. However; the rug doesn't extend beyond the chairs.

Best: Dining chair legs rest on the rug even when pulled out. The rug is at least 2-4 feet wider than the table.

Hopefully this guide helps to solve your dilemmas with choosing the right rug size. Be sure to "pin it" at the top for safe keeping.