The Highs & Lows: How to Mix High End and Low End Home Decor


I love fashion. Some of my favorite designers include Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, and Tory Burch. However; you know that saying, champagne taste on a beer budget? Well that would be me. I always seem to gravitate towards things that are way out of my wallet's comfort zone. So as a result, I've had to get creative and figure out ways to create a high end look without spending silly amounts of money on absolutely everything I'm wearing. So you might find me pairing Tory Burch flats with Gap jeans.

The same concept can be applied to home decor. Cause lets face it; most people do not have budgets large enough to customize furnishings for every room in their home. There are ways to achieve a high end look without compromising your budget. The key to this is in the splurge. The most important aspect of mixing high end and low end home decor is to invest in one or two quality pieces. These pieces will help to elevate the other lower end items in a room. Stumped on what those quality items should be? Let's explore this concept in 3 main rooms: the living room, bedroom, and dining room.


How to Mix High End and Low End Decor in the Living Room

The living room is a space that is used frequently. This is an area I imagine most people will use to watch T.V., take a lazy afternoon nap, curl up to read a good book, etc. It only makes sense to have your investment item in this interior be the sofa(s). With so many options to choose from, it's hard to know what will last and provide the biggest bang for your buck. The key is in the framing. You'll want to select a sofa that has an 8-way hand tied spring coil system. This is the gold standard on quality furniture. The coffee table is another important quality piece.

How to Mix High End and Low End Decor in the Bedroom

The bedroom is a sacred place. It's your oasis; where you go to rest and recharge. It's also the focal point of the room. You'll want to make sure to purchase a sturdy bed frame and mattress. There's nothing worse than climbing into a bed that provides terrible back support and interrupts your sleep. Another great investment piece is window treatments.


How to Mix High End and Low End Decor in the Dining Room

I really believe the table and chairs should be your big investment in this space, especially if you have little ones. Most people think that its best to buy an inexpensive table when you have small children. The idea behind this is that the table will be prone to spills, stains, and all sorts of things when kids are small; so the plan is to upgrade when they get older and are beyond this stage. The problem with this theory is that you have to live with this inexpensive, badly stained table for a long time. Did I mention I was referring to myself? My twins are almost 6 and are still in this stage. I"m ready to throw my whole table out the window. Quality furniture will last folks, even with kids. I hope to upgrade soon.

Top Tips for Low End Decor

As for inexpensive items, my recommendation would be to focus on those smaller pieces: think accessories, pillows, lamps, rugs. These items are more forgiving and easier to swap out frequently than a sofa or table ( see what I did there)?

Now I recognize everyone's interpretation of "splurge" will be different depending on your budget. The idea is to find those investment or quality pieces that is reflective of what you can personally afford in your home. Get creative and have fun! The goal is to create a mix of high and low end decor items that will result in a more expensive look overall.