How To Mix and Match Color and Patterns


Dammit!! That “ooh” moment you visualized in your head turned into a bust once you implemented your color and pattern scheme. You scratch your head and wonder to yourself where you went wrong.

I get it. Learning to mix and match color and patterns is harder than it seems. Between colors and scale and pattern, there’s a lot to consider. And let’s not forget how these “simple” decorating mistakes can end up being expensive. But there is hope.

Below I’ll share some common tips to consider when mixing and matching color and patterns.

mixing color & pattern-balance

Balance is the key to a successful mix & match color story! If you decide to start with a bold pattern, consider using a couple of tone on tone or solid patterns on a smaller scale in the space. This will help to create harmony and balance.

Another thing to consider when using a bold pattern is the location of the print. Perhaps if you’re using a bold pattern on a sofa, you’ll want to use the same print on a smaller scale with accent chair pillows on the opposite wall. Again, balance is important to keep in mind not just in the colors but in the locations of the bold prints.

mixing color & pattern-Monotone mixing

If you’re not quite ready to dive into the world of bold patterns, you could always start with a more simple strategy: monotone mixing. Start with one shade and choose 3-4 tones of that shade to incorporate into the space.

Another take on this concept is to choose one shade and then incorporate 2-3 subtle patterns in that shade. Think a shade of grey and then bringing in a stripe and geometric print pattern in that same grey shade. This is a sure fire strategy when mixing color and patterns!

mixing color & pattern-tried & true formula

A final tip to consider when mixing pattern and colors with accent pillows, is the tried and true formula of using one of each of the four: a floral fabric, a stripe, a geometric, and a solid. As long as each of these fabrics are within the same color family, you’re guaranteed to create a fabulous mix of color and patterns!

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