Sofa Series Part I: 8 Main Sofa Styles


So recently, I’ve been thinking about buying new furniture for our family room. Well this idea has opened up a whole can of anxiety on what to buy, how much to spend, should I just re-upholster instead, etc. If I look at one more sofa online, I’m going to put myself in time out. I’ve spent countless hours obsessing over this and figured perhaps there were millions of other people facing the same situation.

As a result, I decided to put together a 3 part sofa series to help educate clients on all things related to the sofa. Many times I find that people aren’t familiar with sofa design styles. This will help save a lot of time and narrow down your search when shopping for sofa styles. However; to do this you first need to know the names of the styles, right? So today we begin with The Sofa Series Part I: 8 Main Sofa Styles.

Sofa Style: Chesterfield

Key features: The Chesterfield features rolled arms the same height as its back along with beautiful tufting. Nail head trim is usually featured along with either caster or tulip bun style legs. This sofa screams bravado and swagger!

The Chesterfield is a tight back style sofa; meaning there are no loose back cushions. This sofa is sure to be a showstopper in any room it resides. This is my favorite sofa style!!

Sofa Style: CamelBack

Key Features: The CamelBack’s names derives from the arch across the back that resembles a camel’s hump. This curvaceous sofa showcases a subtle curved arm and looks right at home in a more formal style setting. The Camelback is also a tight back style sofa.

Sofa Style: English Roll Arm

Key Features: Just as the name implies; this sofa style features short, rolled, and padded arms. The legs are either caster or tulip bun style. Featuring plush seat and back cushions, this sofa has a relaxed vibe and will fit in any decor style.

Sofa Style: Tuxedo

Key Features: A relative of the Chesterfield, the Tuxedo also features arms the same height as its back as well as gorgeous tufting. Also, the Tuxedo falls in the tight back category. However, the silhouette of this sofa style is more modern and sleek; including it’s feet design.

Sofa Style: Settee

Key Features: The Settee is a curvaceous and sophisticated sofa. It reminds me of high tea and fancy events. Because of its size, this petite sofa would do well in a small space. The silhouette and narrow legs also helps to reiterate the human scale size of this sofa.

Sofa Style: Cabriole

Key Features: A continuous back curve that extends down into the arms is a prominent feature of the Cabriole. The legs are generally wooden and also feature an “S” curve although this particular style is more modern with it’s metal legs.

Interestingly the word cabriole derives from the French word, “cabrioler” which means to jump like a goat.

Sofa Style: Lawson

Key Features: The Lawson is all about an informal and comfortable lifestyle. The big fluffy cushions and rolled arms are ideal for napping or reading a book. The furniture legs are modern in style but the overall silhouette is traditional in nature.

Sofa Style: Mid-Century

Key Features: The Mid Century style sofa represents, simplicity, clean lines and minimalism. The modern metal frame is also a break away from the traditional look of wooden legs. However, the tufting is a nod to classic design. The Mid Century is very Mad Men.

Each sofa style is gorgeous and unique in its own way. You really need to figure out how long you plan to keep the sofa and your how much “love” the sofa will receive based on your lifestyle. Which is a great segue into The Sofa Series Part II: 5 Tips to Consider When Buying a Sofa”.

But first…

Which sofa style is your favorite? Answer below in the comments.

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