Color Phobia: Subtle Ways to Add Color to Your Home

There are some folks who are hard core neutralists who have no interest in adding color to their color palette. Having 20 different versions of greige suits them well. And then there are others like myself who can't seem to get enough of color. Color is life. Color is happiness and I can't imagine living in a space that was void of it. Finally, there are those who are dab smack in the middle. You like greige and you also enjoy color. You're indifferent. However; the main thing that stops you from jumping head first into the world of color is the fact that you don't know how to incorporate it without your home looking like a circus tent. Below are subtle ways to add color to your home.

Subtle Way to Add Color: Accent Pillows

With the exception of the accent pillows, this vignette is pretty neutral. Accent pillows are a great way to dip your toes into the world of color. No commitment necessary. If the pop of color is too much for you to handle; you can easily change out the pillow covers to something more your speed.

Subtle Way to Add Color: Draperies


This pink and greige bedroom is so feminine and elegant. The soft pink color palette adds a subtle touch of color to an otherwise neutral space. The draperies in this picture are custom. So if you go this route be sure you are confident in your color selection since custom draperies are not cheap.

Subtle Way to Add Color: Artwork

Artwork is another option to layer in color. In this picture, the cool blue tones in the art and accent pillows help to elevate the white and make the space a bit more interesting. Inexpensive art from Etsy and Minted can be easily changed out depending on the season and your mood.

Subtle Way to Add Color: Rugs


Imagine how boring this space would be if the rug was neutral. This colorful rug helps to add personality to an otherwise sterile color palette.

Subtle Way to Add Color: Flowers

This floral arrangement adds the perfect mix of happiness and life to this space! This is the safest route to take when you want to add color but aren't sure how. This level of commitment involves no more than a trip to the grocery store and a few bucks spent on flowers.

These subtle ways to add color in your home are great options for those who are fickle and unsure about how to add their favorite hues. Its important to keep the base of the space neutral and then layer in color through accessories and textiles. These things can be swapped out easily to change up the color scheme when necessary.

What are some ways you have incorporated color into your space? Let me know in the comments!

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