All That Glitters: Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Gold Decor Accents in Your Home


Just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the past 3 years or so, gold and brass has made a serious comeback. The market is saturated with these shiny accents that you can find on bath and kitchen fixtures, decor accessories, furnishings, etc. Pinterest is chock-full of ideas and pictures to help you get your bling on. I am loving this gold trend. Gold and brass provides such a warmth that you just don't get with silver and chrome finishes. However; there is a fine line in making sure you don't go overboard and create a gaudy look. Before you start pulling out your bell bottoms and ordering that pink toilet to accompany your tub, let's determine the top 5 subtle ways to incorporate gold decor accents in your home.

Gold Curtain Rods

The gold rods in this picture adds a level of elegance to the draperies. I'm loving the modern and classic vibes of this space including, the Greek key pattern, the black and white color palette, the striped accent pillows, and the tufting on that supple leather chair.

Gold Picture Frames


Picture frames are a great way to infuse the gold trend in your home. Depending on your artwork and theme, your gallery wall can add a touch of drama to a space. This DIY project was born out of my love for Rifle Paper and adds a touch of whimsy to my family room. You can read more about it here.

Gold Mirrors

This gold mirror has an antique finish giving it an aged look. It adds a touch of sheen without being too flashy. I love the quatrefoil design and the bohemian vibes of this vignette.

Gold Decor Accessories


These gold accessories add another layer of warmth to my office. There is just enough gold to complement the color palette without over powering the space. I'm a whimsy girl at heart so I love the playful feel in each accessory.

Gold Hardware

decor_by_demi_gold hardware.jpg

I love the mixture of cool and warm tones in this kitchen. The gold light fixtures, finishes and trim around the hood vent add a level of glitz and glamour to an otherwise simple kitchen.

When it comes to incorporating gold accents in your home, the key is in the placement. In order to avoid a tacky look; don't overdo it and be sure to strategically place your gold decor throughout your home. Remember a little shine goes a long way.

What are ways you incorporate gold decor accents in your home?

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