Design 101: 4 Ways to Add Style to a Bookcase Back Panel

Styled by Decor By Demi

Styled by Decor By Demi

Most of the time a bookcase back panel goes neglected. The decor items on display usually get all the attention however, back panels need love too!

Decorating the back panel is a great way to add color, style and interest to an otherwise boring bookcase. It’s also a cost effective way to give this case good a new look.

Below I’ll highlight 4 simple ways to add style to your bookcase back panel and make it really stand out among the competition!!

Ways to Add Style to a Bookcase Back Panel #1: Wallpaper

First off this entire room is gorgeous and gives me goose bumps! The beautiful chaos of colors and patterns make my little maximalist heart sing!!

Back to the bookcase…the decor accessories would do a lovely job by themselves. However, the wallpaper totally ups the ante on style. There are a plethora of styles to choose from and wallpaper is a great DIY option since its pretty cost effective to install.

Ways to Add Style to Your Bookcase Back Panel #2: Paint

Another great option is paint. Paint is truly the most cost-effective way to give anything an updated look. Painting the back panel of a bookcase is a great way to bring in an contrasting color and really make the decor accessories pop! This is especially true with white bookcases.

Ways to Add Style to a Bookcase Back Panel #3: Beadboard

If your goal is to add a bit of rustic charm to your room, adding beadboard or ship lap is the way to go.

Ways to Add Style to Your Bookcase Back Panel #4: Mix & Match

Lastly, if you’re feeling bold and adventurous, you could mix and match using the suggestions from above. For example, if your bookcase has a lot of compartments, you could paint each back panel a different color to bring in some fun. Or you could do a combination of paint and wallpaper.

So now you have options on what to do with your bookcase back panels. The level of creativity and fun you bring to them is totally up to you!

Have you tried one of these suggestions with your bookcase back panel? If so, let me hear about it in the comments.